2017 Agenda

2017 Agenda

2017 agenda


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Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK


Pricing politics - A changing world and market


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The outlook for USD in 2017 and beyond

  • Prospects for economic outlook, fiscal and trade policy under the President Trump administration, short-term reactions and how this will play out in the next 6-12 months
  • Investment implications
  • Where are we in the Dollar Cycle?
  • Impending FED rate hikes - how will the USD trade in 2017 if the FED hike and no one else does?

Rich Clarida, Managing Director and Global Strategic Advisor, PIMCO


CHIEF ECONOMIST PANEL DISCUSSION: The end of the EU experiment? Keeping up with across the pond

  • Brexit in the context of how it relates to the European mainland - will further fragmentation follow and what does this mean for GBP and EUR?
  • How much of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has already been priced-in in the value of sterling? Have markets overpriced structural vulnerabilities or under-priced cyclical strengthening?
  • Pricing in politics - best practice for managing risks and exposure in the context of an increasingly volatile market

Moderated by Collin Crowover, Head of Currency Management and FICC Research, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS
Vincent Reinhart, Chief Economist, STANDISH MELLON ASSET MANAGEMENT
Gary Schlossberg, Senior Economist, WELLS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
Nigel Sillis, Director of Research, BARINGS


PANEL DISCUSSION: "Liquidity is relatively high, except when it's not" - Do the buy have the legitimate grounds for concern?

  • Recycling vs warehousing - What type of liquidity fills the gap when the banks withdraw and how can the buy side better differentiate between NBLPs?
  • How can we have better transparency so that the buy side can address best execution and select the right liquidity provider
  • How will the newly heavily automated market respond to a market with high rates? Will liquidity holes become more common?
  • The unbundling of credit and execution - the rise of clearing and its impact on liquidity
  • How have the buy side dealt with difficulties accessing credit? Will central clearing enter the FX space in the next few years?

Moderated by Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Kevin Kimmell, Global Head of eFX, CITADEL SECURITIES
Dmitri Galinov, CEO, FASTMATCH


Morning break


Structural change and the new normal


PRESENTATION: Global FX & Derivatives Antitrust Litigations: North America versus Europe

Guy Kershberg, Vice President, BATTEA FX GROUP, LLC
James Donahue, Vice President, BATTEA FX GROUP, LLC


Q&A: Preparing for the second and final phase - Adhering to the Code of Conduct

  • Guidance for successfully implementing the principles of the code and recognising which elements are applicable to your firm
  • How much can actually be achieved through principles - based regulation or do we need rules to create order?
  • In what ways will adherence be monitored? Best practice for implementing successful surveillance systems and introducing better conduct training
  • Given that the market is no longer insular, what more can be done to help firms measure their practices against their peers and share such experiences on a global scale

In conversation with David Puth, Chairman, MARKETFACTORY
Interview led by Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK


PANEL DISCUSSION: Adapting to a heavily automated market - advancements in eFX trading

  • With the number of FX volumes executed through algos on the increase, how can the buy-side gain more transparency around their pre-trade, execution and post-trade performance?
  • In what way can the due diligence surrounding customers understanding of TCA and the data that makes up TCA be improved?
  • Take a quantitative approach, how can big data work for asset managers?
  • Guidance for juggling the lack of common standards, transparency and regulatory requirements - what the buy side must bear in mind when selecting the right venue

Moderated by Brad Bailey, Research Director, Capital Markets, CELENT, a division of OLIVER WYMAN
Phillip Weisberg, Former Global Head of FX, Rates and Credit at Thomson Reuters, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT
Alex Dunegan, CEO and Founder, LUMINT CORPORATION
Michael O'Brien, Director of Global Trading, EATON VANCE


Lunch and networking opportunity


Cyclical macro trends and investment opportunities going forward


PRESENTATION: Reserve currency battle - Evaluating the rise of the CNY and its impact on USD supremacy in a Trump world?

  • To what extent was the SDR recognition of the RMB the high mark of RMB internationalization? Is the renminbi slipping into reverse and what factors have caused this trend>
  • Is the US dominance as a reserve currency coming to an end?
  • When is the balance of power likely to shift in China's favour? Or on the contrary, will China suffer under Trump?

Eric Stein, Co-Director of Global Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager, EATON VANCE


CIO PANEL DISCUSSION: The good, the bad and the ugly - A round up of G10 and EM opportunities and those that were missed in the past twelve months - key lessons to remember going forward

  • To what extent have Central Banks maxed out? Will the USA pick that burden up?
  • With fiscal and monetary policies now differing from country to country and thus the return of volatility to the market, what does the likelihood of drastic macro changes mean for market sentiment and behavior?
  • Best practice for managing exposure

Moderated by Laura Matthews, Reporter, FX WEEK
Ulf J. Lindahl, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, A.G. BISSET ASSOCIATES
Michael Miranda, Chief Investment Officer, MESIROW FINANCIAL CURRENCY MANAGEMENT
James Ong, Senior Macro Strategist and Derivative Portfolio Manager, INVESCO


PANEL DISCUSSION: Exploiting the changing composition and non-uniformed nature of EM

  • In a world where interest rates are close to zero or negative in developed markets, what opportunities can be found in emerging markets at present?
  • How do you offset EM currency risk? Is there an appropriate strategic hedge ratio?
  • What does Trump administration mean for emerging markets and which, if any, will suffer?

Moderated by Rick Harper, Head of Fixed Income and Currency, WISDOM TREE ASSET MANGEMENT
Ryan Stever, Director of Quantitative Global Macro Research, ACADIAN ASSET MANAGEMENT
Alessio de Longis, Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Macro Strategist, OPPENHEIMER FUNDS
Andrew Feltus, Senior Vice President and Head of High Yield, PIONEER INVESTMENTS
Aaron Hurd, Head of Currency Strategy, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS


Afternoon break


Disruption in the FX market


NEW MARKET COMMENTARY: Trading around Economic Releases

  • Mapping economic surprises - which releases produce the biggest impacts on currencies and why?
  • How quickly do exchange rates absorb the impact of data surprises?
  • Combining data surprises into an aggregate Economic Surprise Index
  • How can Economic Data Change Indices help to gauge economic momentum and identify drivers of surprises (data vs biased expectations)
  • Extracting medium-term FX trading signals from economic surprises and data momentum

Kristjan Kasikov, Global Head of FX Quantitative Investor Solutions, CITI


THE FINTECH LAB: Do fintech firms

  • What do the latest innovations in fintech really mean for the FX industry and how quickly will they be rolled out throughout the industry?
  • Join 3 of the most promising start ups as they reveal whether the latest technologies in FX and trading really can help to better your FX capabilities and strategies going forward

Lara Lyberg, Business Strategist, Blockchain, Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT), MANULIFE / JOHN HANCOCK
Roque Castro, Head of Product and Business Development, ELYSIUM TECHNOLOGY GROUP
Sarah Biller, Board Member, FINTECH SANDBOX and Former Chief Operating Officer for Innovation, STATE STREET




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